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    How do we choose the next step?

    It depends on what you need in the moment. We have all had times when everything is too overwhelming to think straight – literally. At those times you may welcome a guiding hand with less active decision making.

    At other times you may know exactly what you want to work on and want to be an active part of choosing the next turn to take. Great! Ultimately, it needs to be your life and your goals.

    Provided the choice does not put yourself or others in immediate danger – you get to choose with as little or much direction is welcomed.

    Our Values

    1. Integrity : Doing the right thing because it is the right thing even when it is inconvenient or hard is a guiding principal we seek to live by for those we serve and in our personal choices. Helping you to heal requires earning your trust and for trust there must be unquestionable devotion to integrity in word and action.

    2. Quality : None of us are perfect, but we must each strive to continue to grow and dedicate ourselves to quality to maintain standards of excellence. By expecting the best of ourselves, we inspire and grow the chance for others to achieve excellence in their own lives.

    3 Freedom : We hold the right to choose as scared and the right of everyone we work with. From the escape from the prison of our pain to the daily decisions that define us as a wonderfully unique individual, freedom is one of the most precious gifts of being human that allows us to shape our lives.

    4. Contribution : When we have been given the ability to help others there is a natural responsibility to reach out to those who cross our path in generosity of mind, body and spirit. We each have gifts that can make our world a better place by giving to others to ripple healing and hope.

    5. Equality : While different, we are all deserving of respect and to be treated with the same rights granted to each not to be the same but equal in resources, support, and access to healing.

    6. Tolerance : Only when we are open to new ideas and show respect our differences can we learn from each other to help others in the journey of healing. We believe in having open heart and mind for all views and practices that do not endanger or harm self or others.

    Everyone is different...

    And what you need will be unique to you.

    The road that has brought you here belongs to no one else and that means your recovery should also be one of a kind.

    There are some key tools that we can explore together, but the conversation is always open as to what is helping you get where you want to be.

    Let's work together on your journey.

    My Mission

    My name is Deborah Harland and I offer support in healing for adults trapped in the aftermath of trauma when the worst has happened. Through creative approaches I use EMDR and other proven tools to guide you in discovering the path to freedom and happiness in escaping the past to allow you to build the future freedom and happiness you both desire and deserve.

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