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  • Investment & Fees

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    Yes, therapy is an investment of time, energy, and money.

    Healing is about the choices you make from this moment going forward. You deserve to be happy and to break free of your past. How much time, effort and money is your freedom worth?


    Regular sessions are 50 minutes long with a 10 minute allowance at the end of session for scheduling/payment.

    EMDR intensives are four hours long and are scheduled only by request and if therapeutically deemed appropriate.


    While it would be great if your life changed simply by what we do in session, the truth is there has to be effort beyond session to truly gain the freedom and happiness you want.


    Individual Session fee is $125 per 50 minutes session and is due at the time of service.

    If cost is a barrier to services yet you are willing to invest the time and energy, please reach out to me and we can discuss options. With some added information about your household and financial resources, you may qualify for a reduced fee. Reduced fee will be reassessed every six months or when major financial changes impact your ability to pay.

    To make it easiest and least time consuming at your appointment, I highly recommend authorizing a credit card to be kept on file for recurring payment. If a credit or debit card is not an option, we can discuss possibility of payment with personal check or money order.

    I believe in holding people accountable for what they can control, but I understand circumstances may arise out of your control that force you to miss a session. Communicate to me via text as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a scheduled session or you will be responsible for the full charge of the session. 

    Insurance Coverage

    Use of insurance for therapy has key drawbacks that you may not have been informed of, but as a consumer need to know.

    Insurance requires a diagnosis to be added to your records which may negatively follow you in certain careers or life circumstances.

    Confidentiality can be compromised due to insurance can access your mental health care records paid for by insurance coverage.

    Insurance can limit the number of sessions you are allowed in a given time frame.

    I do not accept insurance. I DO offer to work with your Out of Network Benefits through a third party that can allow you to still gain financial benefits from having insurance without the constraints of having to limit yourself to an in-network provider. You deserve to work with the best fit for your needs – not who your insurance says you can see.

    Cancellation Policy 

    If you are unable to attend a session, please provide 24 hour notice to prevent being billed at your standard rate. Extreme circumstances beyond your control that result in missed sessions will be considered for fee to be waived on a case by case basis. Failure to plan is not considered an emergency. I value your time and I ask that you have the same consideration for mine.

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